Wiki 24

Chase Edmunds obtains a key card allowing him and Jack to get closer to finding the hard drive.


The following takes place between 12:00am and 1:00am.

Chase Edmunds and Jack Bauer pull up to the base on 62837 West Vista Road. Jack ducks to avoid the security camera and they are allowed through the reinforced gates. Peter Madsen comes down to meet him, and gives him a pair of dogtags as a symbol of initiation into the gang. As Madsen walks away, Jack sneaks out from under the car.

On the news, David Palmer watches James Radford's escape from the hostage situation. Dr. Kevin Tyson enters the room and Palmer says that his hand is hurting. Tyson takes a look and says that his hand will take time to recover, but there is a growing problem with his heart. He says that Palmer's body is fighting the meds he received because of increased stress levels. Tyson firmly advises him to make no television or public appearances.

Jack and Chase run into the complex. Jack says that they need to get the harddrive back, and asks where it would be. Chase says that it will be in a secure room that is locked, only accessed by Madsen's hackers. So, Chase follows one of Madsen's hackers and quietly takes him down, stealing his keycard. He then goes back to Jack, avoiding hanging around with the guards, and gives him the keycard.

Chase then sets out to destroy the security cameras so Jack cannot be seen. He goes into a room and breaks the circuit on a computer, causing them to shut down as he returns to Jack.