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Adam was a member of the Secret Service detail for David Palmer during Days 2 through 4.

Day 2[]

After David Palmer was unseated from the Presidency, agent Aaron Pierce illicitly helped him support Jack Bauer's rogue operation. Mike Novick found out and had Aaron arrested, replacing him with Adam who was unsympathetic to Palmer and didn't speak a word to him.

Day 3[]

Adam was active during Day 3, working under Aaron Pierce at CTU District. At around 8:15am he accompanied Aaron when Secret Service attempted (unsuccessfully) to persuade Palmer to go aboard Air Force One.

Day 4[]


A call for the former President

Adam remained part of Palmer's detail after his term in office. At 1:38am of Day 4, former President David Palmer was watching a CNB news report concerning the crash of Air Force One and the health of John Keeler. From the presidential bunker, Mike Novick called Palmer's secure line and Adam handed off the call to Palmer. Novick made a request for Palmer to assist President Logan, and Palmer agreed to visit him.

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