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Jack Bauer returns to CTU as the city reels in the aftermath of the earthquake.


Jack calls in to CTU. Michelle answers, but Ryan Chappelle takes the phone from her. He asks Jack what happened, and Jack explains that they did not discover the second bomb in time to stop it. Chappelle expresses surprise that all of this could be caused by one bomb. He tells Jack to come back to CTU because they need help analyzing the structural damage and they need to start working up a plan to get Peter Madsen. Jack says he will be back in half an hour.

He has to navigate his way through the earthquake-ravaged city and find his way back to CTU. Jumping over several craters and bypassing huge crevasses in the ground, Jack manages to avoid damage from aftershocks and post-earthquake explosions.

Suddenly, he receives a call from Kate Warner, who tells him that she is trapped in the subway. Jack turns back in the opposite direction, towards the subway, and arrives there after avoiding more dangers.


Memorable quotes[]

  • Ryan Chappelle: Jack! What the hell happened?
  • Jack Bauer: It was Madsen's bombs. We defused the first but didn't find out about the second until it was too late.

Background information and notes[]

  • In fact, players can go directly to the subway tunnel to greatly reduce the time.