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An agent is a person who is entrusted to act for, or in place of, another person or organization. In government and law enforcement contexts, an agent or special agent is a criminal or other investigator operating under the aegis of a particular organization. For instance, in the United States, those who work at CTU, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and the Secret Service are generally called agents.

At CTU, there are two types of agents, field agents and intelligence agents.

Field agent Edit

Field agents work outside of CTU in tactical or undercover operations. They are given special weapons and tactics training and are often involved in missions which require force. They may be given suicide capsules in the event they are captured.

The agent directly in charge of field agents is the Director of Field Operations.

Intelligence agent Edit

Intelligence agents work inside CTU to gather information and to direct the field agents with tactical information. They rarely go into the field themselves and have little if any weapons training.

The agent directly in charge of intelligence agents is the Chief of Staff.

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