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Agnes Bruckner (born August 16, 1985; age 38) played Kyle Singer's girlfriend, Linda, during Season 3 of 24.


Agnes Bruckner was born in Hollywood, California. She comes from Hungarian and Russian parents, and speaks both languages. Since she was a child, Bruckner has been involved in dance, ballet, and tap. When she was eight, she worked as a child model at the suggestion of her mother.

Bruckner began her professional career at the age of 11, appearing in commercials and some television pilots. In 1999, she also appeared on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. At the age of 15, Bruckner got her first lead role in the independent film Blue Car (2002), in which she played a high school student involved in an affair with her teacher, played by David Strathairn. The performance won her critical praise as well as an Independent Spirit Award nomination for "Best Female Lead".

Through her career, Bruckner has appeared in other films like Breaking the Girls (with Billy Mayo), The Citizen (with Rizwan Manji), Kill Theory (with Don McManus), Vacancy 2: The First Cut (with Arjay Smith and Gwendoline Yeo), Murder by Numbers (with Neal Matarazzo), and The Glass House (with Carly Pope). In 2014, she won a Prism Award for her performance as Anna Nicole Smith on the TV film Anna Nicole.

Aside from films, Bruckner has appeared in TV shows like Alias, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (with Al Sapienza), and Hawaii Five-0 (with Daniel Dae Kim and Brian Goodman). More recently, she has had recurring or regular roles in shows like Covert Affairs (with Kari Matchett), Once Upon a Time (with Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle), and The Returned (with Kevin Alejandro).

In 2002, Bruckner was awarded the Star of Tomorrow by the Motion Picture Club. She lives in Los Angeles and studies ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance.

Role on 24[]

Day 3 Kidnapping Filming 2

Filming Season 3

Bruckner played the role of Linda, Kyle Singer's girlfriend, during Season 3 of 24. She appeared in a total of 5 episodes and was credited as a guest star.

24 credits[]

Selected filmography[]

  • The 11th Green (2020)
  • The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (2019)
  • Back Fork (2019)
  • There Is a New World Somewhere (2015)
  • A Bit of Bad Luck (2014)
  • The Pact (2012)
  • The Craigslist Killer (2011)
  • Kill Theory (2009)
  • Haven (2004)
  • Murder by Numbers (2002)
  • Blue Car (2002)
  • The Glass House (2001)

Television appearances

  • The Returned (2015)
  • Once Upon a Time (2015)
  • Covert Affairs (2012)
  • Private Practice (2009)
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2006)
  • Alias (2002)
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (1997-1999)

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