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Ahman was Samir Mehran's technician in the plan to use the nuclear rods acquired during Day 8 against the United States.

Day 8 Edit

Samir called Ahman, who was welding at the time of the call, to inform him that the nuclear rods were still outside of New York but would be brought in soon when America's defence systems had been taken down. Ahman questioned how Samir could bring the rods to him, but Samir assured him that he had it under control.

Some time after 4:00am, Ahman talked with Samir again and told him that he had finished arming the bomb. Samir then told him that they would bring the nuclear rods soon to him. Upon the arrival of the uranium, Ahman worked continuously, giving Samir frequent updates, and eventually armed the device for detonation with a timer which was built into a stopwatch. Because Ali had been killed, the task of moving and arming the dirty bomb was given instead to his replacement Tarin Faroush.

Ahman traveled with Samir and the remaining terrorists to the apartment building where President Omar Hassan was brought after surrendering himself. There, he set up a secure internet feed for the trial they planned for Hassan. Samir then instructed Ahman to administer various coercive drugs to Hassan to force him into confessing his supposed sins against Kamistan. However, despite this Hassan did not talk as expected. The plans changed and Samir instead simply read the statement of Hassan's "crimes" himself before executing him on the video feed. The feed was broadcast online a little over one minute after real time, allowing the world to see Hassan's death.

At around 7:56, CTU raided the apartment they were using and took out the guards without breaking cover. As Jack Bauer stormed the room, he shot and killed Ahman, and Navid. He also shot Samir, who survived, only to discover he was too late to save Hassan.

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