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Air Force One was the radio call sign used for any Air Force aircraft that was carrying the President of the United States. It was normally one of two identical, blue, Boeing 747s.

Veto Power[]

President Harry Barnes was aboard Air Force One when Brett Marks attempted to shut it down with an Electromagnetic Pulse gun, making it crash, but Marks was killed by Jack Bauer and the shot did not hit Air Force One.

Day 2[]

On Day 2, Air Force One flew President David Palmer from Oregon to southern California. It was from there that he saw the nuclear weapon explode in the Mojave Desert.

Day 4[]

During Day 4, Air Force One was shot down by Captain Mitch Anderson, leaving President John Keeler critically wounded. Shortly after the crash, Habib Marwan and his men stole the nuclear football, a briefcase containing the locations and codes of the United States' nuclear arsenal.

Kevin Keeler was killed in the attack. President Keeler and Agent Patterson survived the initial crash.

Day 9 []

President James Heller boarded Air Force One just before 11 a.m. on Day 9. He told British Prime Minister Alastair Davies how he would not remember any events of those days, anything at all, even the fact that he had a daughter, Audrey Boudreau who had earlier been killed by Cheng Zhi's mercenary. He was transporting her casket back to the United States.

Background information and notes[]

  • The exterior footage of the plane in Seasons 2 and 4 are from Harrison Ford's Movie Air Force One, the same footage is also used in The West Wing.


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