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The United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), based at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, was the special operations component of the United States Air Force under the purview of the Joint Special Operations Command. Comprised of helicopter and aircraft units, its primary mission was transportation of special ops units to their area of operation and provide resupply, support, and recovery.

The following is based on the account of Operation Nightfall from Findings at CTU, which was later retconned in 24: Nightfall.

AFSOC took part in Operation Nightfall, the Delta Force mission to assassinate Victor Drazen. One member of the six-man team, Technical Sergeant Roger Voss, was the squad's combat controller, responsible for parachuting into Kosovo several hours before the others to secure an exfiltration zone where the escape helicopter could land. The main team was ferried from Aviano Air Base to the drop zone by one of AFSOC's MC-130 Combat Talons. (Findings at CTU)

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