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Ajinkya Ramesh Deo (born January 17, 1964; age 56) is an Indian actor who played Kartik Chandrashekhar in the first season of the Indian version of 24. He is the elder brother of the series director, Abhinay Deo, and they both sit on the board of RDP Television. Ajinkya co-produced the second season of the show.

Biography and career Edit

Ajinkya Deo was born in Mubai, India to Seema and Ramesh Deo. His younger brother, Abhinay, is a director.

Ajinkya started his acting career in 1985, appearing in the film Vahinichi Maya. After that, he has appeared in other films like Gair, David, A Rainy Day, and Bombairiya. He has also worked on TV series like Nagin and The Zee Horror Show. He currently hosts Prema Tujha Rang Kasa, a crime show with Marathi Entertainment Channel.

Aside from his work as an actor, Deo is a film and TV executive. He was the executive director of Prabhat Entertainment Channel, which operated from 2000 to 2002. He currently sits at the board of RDP Television, along with his brother.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Bombairiya (2019)
  • Nagpur Adhiveshan (2016)
  • A Rainy Day (2014)
  • David (2013)
  • Mr Ya Miss (2005)
  • Gair (1999)
  • Paandav (1995)
  • Bandhan (1991)
  • Vahinichi Maya (1985)

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