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Al was a CTU Los Angeles staffer during Day 1.

Day 1[]

Al interrupted Alberta Green, who was questioning Tony Almeida in holding, to inform her of a call at about 11:45am. She reminded him that she wanted no interruptions, but Al insisted: Jack Bauer, whom Alberta had been searching for, was on the line. Alberta had been moments away from finding out if Tony was loyal to Jack.

Shortly after 8pm, Al told Nina Myers that a call was coming in on her line, so she sent him to answer it for her. It was Jack Bauer. George Mason took the call, and then ordered Al to dispatch a field unit to Saugus and also to contact Ryan Chappelle. The field unit was led by Barnes and Drake.

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Nina and Al in a deleted scene

  • In two of three deleted scenes from "Day 1: 1:00pm-2:00pm," Al appears with Nina Myers at the hospital. In the first scene, he enters the room where Nina saw an impostor FBI agent, and she tells Al and another agent to check the place for hidden surveillance and incendiary devices. In the next, he reports that they found nothing, but then she asks them to pull fingerprints off the nearby phone. In the aired episode, this task was performed by Agent Drake.

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