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Al Crenshaw was a member of Jack Bauer's Delta Force strike team during Operation Nightfall.


Al Crenshaw was part of the undercover mission to kill Victor Drazen. He went though the forest with the rest of the team, and entered the house of David and Anna Petrovic after Bill Kendall and Ronnie Pope had secured the location.

He traveled to meet the Petrovics’ contact who would take them to Victor Drazen’s compound. Once they made it to the army base of the contact, Jack instructed Al, Ronnie and Bill to circle the checkpoint. He was not in the car bomb, but helped Ronnie Pope, whose arm was broken from the attack. They traveled to the top of a building, and took out some guards that were still attacked Jack Bauer and the rest of the team. After that, they drove away with the contact, Jovan Tesla.


Al takes out some guards at the post

Whilst approaching a guard post, it became evident that the team would not be able to pass without arousing attention. Jack instructed Al to take out the guards. At around 3.15 p.m. Local time, he found a good spot for Bill Kendall to shoot out Drazen's base, which happened without problem. However, the team was called back when they got word that Victor Drazen was still alive. Bill and Al were sent to get another look at the facility when they returned. However, it seemed that nothing contradicted their earlier evaluation when they returned.

When Anna Petrovic shot Ronnie Pope and Alexander Lepenski, Crenshaw heard the deaths. He went to the location, and was shot by Anna. She told Jack that some of Drazen's men killed them, but he eventually found out she was lying, and killed her.

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