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Alama Matobo was the wife of Sangalan former Prime Minister Ule Matobo during Redemption and Day 7.

Redemption Edit

During the uprising led by General Benjamin Juma and the People's Freedom Army, Mrs. Matobo was evacuated from Sangala prior to her husband, as embassy worker Frank Trammell informed the Prime Minister while loading him onto one of the last helicopters departing the country.

Day 7 Edit

Alama was with her husband at their Washington, D.C. residence at 167 Foxhall Road when the team led by David Emerson raided the house in an attempt to kidnap the former prime minister. Thanks to Renee Walker's torture of Alan Tanner, the FBI managed to learn of the threat and warned their chief of security, Major Eto'o, giving both Ule and Alama enough time to get into a safe room.

When Jack Bauer, who had infiltrated Emerson's team, flooded the safe room with noxious ammonium dysterate, Alama gave in and opened the safe door in order to breathe. She and Ule were then captured by Emerson to be brought to Iké Dubaku. When Emerson was killed, Jack revealed the real plan and their true motive. Alama trusted Jack "because he [had] no reason to lie", and convinced her husband to cooperate. Nichols picked the Matobos from Tony and brought them over to Dubaku. They were held in a closed room, until Renee rescued them and took them to safety.

Live appearancesEdit

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