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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

Alan Burkett was a scientist at Omicron International before Day 5.

Before Day 5[]

Burkett was the director of a task force which included Omicron employee Michael Gravel, some military oversight, and some CTU agents including Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida. Their mission was to analyze overseas terrorist threats, and their results were recorded in the Hatteras File. The illegal arms supplier Gabriel Schector was also involved.

At another point, Burkett and a team of Omicron scientists (again including Michael Gravel) directed the Sentox Project to fulfill a contract with the Department of Defense for potential military use. The nerve gas they created was supposed to have been decommissioned and destroyed, but at least some of it was stolen by the perpetrators of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy, including Christopher Henderson, the Senior Vice President of Research and Development of Omicron.

Burkett was found dead two years before Day 5 in a helicopter crash in Geneva, Switzerland. The death, seemingly a tragic accident, was shrouded in suspicion when it was revealed that Michael Gravel and one other chief Sentox scientist were killed within two weeks of one another: one during a diving trip to the Bahamas, the other burned in a car accident.

Day 5[]

The Sentox conspirator (and Omicron executive) Christopher Henderson, feigning ignorance, acted surprised about the suspicious deaths of Burkett and his fellow scientists before leaving Jack Bauer for dead in a room rigged with explosives. By the end of Day 5, the Sentox conspiracy was unraveled and all the gas was used or destroyed.

Day 7[]

Burkett's name appeared in the Hatteras File as Jack Bauer directed Sean Hillinger to research a lead concerning the whereabouts of Tony Almeida during Day 7.