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Alan Hayes was a member of the Secret Service team assigned to protect Senator David Palmer during the events of Day 1.

Day 1[]

Hayes was one of the agents assigned to the Santa Clarita Power Plant, where Senator David Palmer would give a breakfast speech. Hayes guarded one of the sections of the power plant, when he was approached by Jack Bauer. Bauer was the Director of CTU Los Angeles and after Hayes saw his identification, he gave Bauer clearance to move forward. When Agent Aaron Pierce radioed that Bauer may pose a threat to Palmer's life, Hayes told Pierce that he had a possible visual. Pierce told Hayes to stay in his position until he got there.

Hayes approached Bauer and asked for him to come with him. Bauer knew that the assassin would make a shot at Palmer, so he created a diversion. Bauer attempted to grab Hayes' gun and Palmer was rushed out of the plant. Hayes took Bauer into custody and brought him to Frank Simes, who gave Bauer clearance to bring a weapon into the breakfast. Bauer asked to speak off the books with Simes and Hayes walked away.


Hayes discusses Senator Palmer with Jack Bauer and Frank Simes.

Bauer revealed that his wife and daughter were kidnapped and the kidnapper tried to get him to help kill Palmer. Bauer insisted that he saved Palmer's life and Simes told him he could tell his story to Division. Unfortunately Simes had to hand Jack over to the FBI and Secret Service agents escorted Jack out of the plant. While being escorted out, Jack managed to escape and take cover at a construction site.

While Jack waited for a car to be dropped off for him, Hayes and his team were lead to the construction site. Jack asked Lauren Proctor to get his car and bring it to him. Instead, Lauren approached Hayes and told him where Bauer was. Hayes and his men had a visual, but Bauer managed to escape and was eventually cleared of any charges.

Background information and notes[]

  • Hayes used a GLOCK 17 9mm handgun, which was later stolen by Jack Bauer during his escape from custody. However, real Secret Service agents carry the SIG Sauer P229 in .357 SIG rounds.

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