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Not to be confused with Adam Morgan.

Alan Morgan was an employee of Pacific Electric during Day 1.

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Morgan was to be paid by Alexis Drazen to turn off the power to the grid containing a government facility in Saugus to which Victor Drazen was being transferred at 7:20pm. Alexis, along with Andre Drazen and the rest of his Eastern European terrorists/mercenaries, wanted to exploit the outed power to preempt their rescue attempt for Victor. Morgan was to be paid $50,000 in Bearer bonds, which were "as good as cash and easy to move".

1x18 Morgan death

Morgan, after falling to his death

After Alexis was stabbed by Elizabeth Nash in a sting operation, Jack Bauer posed as him to meet with Morgan at Connie's in the California Plaza. Teddy Hanlin, a concealed sniper with animosity towards Jack, was running back-up. Jack asked Morgan to recap his responsibilities, and Morgan stated his objective of disabling the power and spoke the grid name to Jack; afterwards, upon realizing that Jack was an imposter, he fled; Hanlin disobeyed Jack's direct orders to hold his fire and shot the man. Morgan was hit in the leg and fell from a bridge to his death. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

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