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Alan Tanner was a mercenary working as a member of David Emerson's crew (under the orders of fellow mercenary Tony Almeida) prior to and during Day 7. Tanner was particularly proficient in sniping.

Before Day 7[]

Tanner served in the American special forces, and was discharged after Desert Storm. He tried to sue the government, claiming he had Gulf War syndrome, but the charges were dismissed.

Day 7[]

When Tony learned that Jack Bauer and Renee Walker were planning to use one of his contacts, Gabriel Schector, to find him, he had Alan kill Gabriel and his bodyguard, Ari, from the rooftop of the Columbia Building with a sniper rifle. Jack and Renee had the FBI agents on the street seal the building, and Tanner was trapped. A mole within the FBI, Agent Lennert, provided Tanner with an escape route.

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Jack observed Tanner's escape, and tailed him with Agent Walker to a ship and back to Tony. Tanner was prepared to brief Tony on his next mission for David Emerson, but was lured by Jack and Renee into a trap. Jack used Tanner as a shield to get aboard the ship, but Donnie Fox shot Tanner several times. Jack returned fire and pushed Tanner off the gangplank. Tanner landed on some crates, groaning and seriously wounded.

Tanner was given emergency medical attention, and when he awoke, he demanded for his two lawyers to visit. Agent Walker persuaded the analyst Janis Gold to distract the lawyers, and questioned Tanner in his hospital bed, against regulations. Inspired by Jack Bauer's methods and the desperate situation, she caused him extreme pain and threatened to suffocate him unless he gave her some information. After much resistance, he finally broke and revealed that Ule Matobo would be kidnapped soon. Walker unblocked the door and ran out to inform Larry Moss about the threat to Matobo, leaving Tanner in his bed to see his shocked lawyers.

Background information and notes[]

  • During "Day 7: 11:00am-12:00pm" Tanner's driver's licence can be seen. It is a Virginia license and lists his address as 76 North 8th Street, Norfolk, Virginia. The license reveals he is 6'1.
  • Tanner is featured on some of the Previously on 24 segments which is somewhat uncommon for a character of his degree of appearance.

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