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You may be looking for York's imposter, Kevin Carroll.

Alan W. York was the father of Janet York. He was murdered shortly before midnight on Day 1 and was impersonated by Kevin Carroll.


Alan York was an accountant with the San Fernando Valley firm of Williams and King. He played golf weekly with his brother Joseph. His ex-wife lived in Sydney, Australia, and had virtually no contact with either Alan or Janet. (Findings at CTU)


York was murdered and his body hidden in the trunk of a car left on Avenue 26. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be York (actually Kevin Carroll) contacted Teri Bauer and offered to help find their daughters. As York, Carroll took Teri into his confidence and they searched together for several hours.

Ira Gaines instructed Greg Penticoff to dispose of the car, not knowing that Jack Bauer was using Penticoff to get to him. When they discovered the body in the trunk, the fingers and teeth had been removed, making identification difficult. The body was sent back to CTU, where forensics expert Perry Tanaka traced its identity using a surgical pin. ("4:00am-5:00am", "5:00am-6:00am")

Once the body had been identified as Alan York, Nina Myers attempted to contact Jack with the information. However, Jack was then under Gaines' control and unreachable, so Nina called Teri and told her to let Jack know when she had a chance. At that point, Teri realized that the man calling himself Alan York was an impostor. ("5:00am-6:00am")

Background information and notesEdit

  • This is one of the few times a named character appears only as a corpse, like David Goss, or in more than one episode as a corpse, like Goss or Henry Powell.
  • The time of Alan York's death was placed between 11pm and midnight the day before Day 1. However, if this was inaccurate, he may have been killed after midnight (albeit off-camera). If he was killed off-screen during the first episode, his would be the first death during Day 1, but this is unconfirmed.
  • In the 2013 Indian version of 24, Alan's counterpart is Abhay Gupta.

Live appearancesEdit

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