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Alex Hewitt was an expert computer programmer hired by oil executive Peter Kingsley to fabricate an audio recording of a conversation between Prime Ministers of three Middle Eastern countries.

Biography Edit

Alex Hewitt was a computer programmer who studied at the California Institute of Technology. As soon as he finished his studies he was recruited by the state department, and he revamped their entire surveillance program. However, he was caught manipulating intel on files he did not have clearance for, and was placed in custody. While there he attempted suicide and spent a year in psychiatric prison in Augusta. The September before Day 2 he was released.

At some point Hewitt created a program that was able to generate the speech patterns of any individual given a sample of them speaking. Oil executive Peter Kingsley, who was ostensibly working with Sherry Palmer and Roger Stanton, hired Alex to create a forged audio conversation. This conversation, the "Cyprus recording", implicated three Middle Eastern countries in a terrorist nuclear weapon detonation. Hewitt did not know that Kingsley was a mole planted by Max's oil consortium, and that Hewitt himself was supposed to be among the fatalities of the the terrorists' target: Los Angeles.

Day 2 Edit


Alex in his final moments

When Jack Bauer, CTU, and the FBI foiled the terrorist strike, the bomb was detonated harmlessly in the Mojave Desert. Since LA was spared from the blast, Kingsley's mercenaries led by his subordinate Eve soon arrived at Alex's apartment to eliminate Alex and take the evidence. However, Alex successfully hid from them, and they were only able to bring back the recordings.

Both Sherry Palmer and Jack Bauer discovered Alex's involvement in the plot and went to Alex's apartment. Sherry wanted Alex to let her take the evidence, so she could blackmail Kingsley, but Jack wanted to get the evidence that proved the conversation was fabricated so he could hand it to President David Palmer.

However, Alex soon became suspicious and fearful that Jack and Sherry were setting him up and fled. After a short chase on the apartment roof, Jack was forced to shoot Alex in the thigh in self-defense. Alex stumbled and fell to a lower section of the roof. He initially survived the fall but sustained major trauma to his head, and he died from blood loss soon after.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Jack Bauer: (referring to Sherry) She wants to use her influence with the president to try and help you.
  • Alex Hewitt: Because she thinks I'm innocent?
  • Jack Bauer: Yeah.
  • Alex Hewitt: And I... I think she likes me.
  • Jack Bauer: (chuckles) ... I think she does. ("Day 2: 5:00am-6:00am")

  • Alex Hewitt: (his last line) Everything's a little blurry... what's happening to me? ("Day 2: 6:00am-7:00am")

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