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Alexander Lepenski was the assumed name of a man working for Victor Drazen, posing as an informant during Operation Nightfall.


Lepenski works with Saunders

David and Anna Petrovic were taking Jack Bauer and his team to see their contact. As the siblings left their vehicle once they arrived at the meeting point, it was shot with a rocket launcher, injuring Ronnie Pope. Also, David Petrovic was killed by some of Victor Drazen's men.

Jovan Tesla, David and Anna's informant, held Jack Bauer at gunpoint as he asked why they were there. Once he revealed his name, Anna said that he was the man her brother was meeting with. Tesla reveled that he would take Bauer to the man who could get them to Drazen's compound, Alexander Lepenski.

Stephen Saunders was at first suspicious of the man, and contemplated killing him. He was adamant that the man was a butcher and war criminal. Jack Bauer managed to talk him out of it when he told Saunders that Lepenski was their informant.

Lepinski is shot by Anna

Lepenski told the team that he had the highest level of clearance, so he should have no problem in accessing the area. He eventually lead them to Drazen's compound.

When it was revealed that he was still working for Drazen and was an imposter, Anna, who was also working for Drazen, shot and killed him before he could divulge any of the plan to Bauer.

Background information and notes[]

  • Lepenski's name is misspelt as Aleksandr Lepenski in Nightfall 5.
  • Lepenski bears a striking resemblance to actor Harrison Ford.

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