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Alexander Trepkos acted as an intermediary between Peter Kingsley and Max during Day 2.

Day 2[]

When the nuclear weapon failed to blow up Los Angeles, Trepkos paid a visit to Kingsley’s office to relay the news that Max was not happy. They conversed on whether Jack Bauer would be able to stop the war or not. Later on, Trepkos found out from his government intelligence sources that Kingsley had been killed and that the Cyprus recording had been found to be false. When he told Max that the war had been called off, Max decided to resort to a previously undisclosed Plan B. Trepkos was confused, but Max only said that it would start that day, and hung up. Mandy soon attacked President David Palmer with a dangerous chemical or biological weapon.

Background information and notes[]

  • At the start of Season 3, when Wayne speaks to his brother David about Mandy's assassination attempt (of which Alexander Trepkos had been ignorant), he makes the comment quoted below. Since Max's fate was accounted for in 24: The Game, it is possible that Trepkos (who was Max's second-in-command) is "the man" to whom Wayne refers here:
    ...and you remind everyone that it was your administration that not only arrested the man behind the attempt on your life, but you also exposed his organization and put his top tier people away as well, all this while you were in this so-called weakened state."
  • In 2007, Jon Cassar listed Alexander Trepkos as a character that could 'potentially return' along with Carl Webb, Teddy Hanlin, Lynne Kresge, and Behrooz Araz in a Feb. 12, 2007 TV Guide interview with Bill Hochman. Ultimately, none of these characters reappeared.
  • This character's name was never used on the show, but appeared on the episode guide for Day 2: 3:00am-4:00am. His surname was also mentioned in 24: The Game.

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