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Ali was a sleeper terrorist inserted by Habib Marwan into the IDS Data Systems company at the Rockland building.

Day 4[]

Ali was a computer expert who conspired with Marwan, Forbes, and Henry Powell in using the Dobson Override device to melt down nuclear power plants across the country. When Edgar Stiles and the government countered Ali's efforts with a Drinfeld module, Ali called in Marwan to take over. Marwan posed as an IT worker, and used Ali's station and the Override to continue the work.

Ali and Forbes observed the ringing cell phone of captured CTU agent Curtis Manning, but Ali decided to ignore it. The two men were forced to lock down their floor when their henchmen, Adam and Jason, failed to finish off the agent and were themselves killed by Manning. Ali notified Marwan, and then tore out the hard lines to prevent Manning from contacting CTU. When a TAC team raided the building, Ali moved for his weapon to open fire on Agent Lee Castle, but Lee shot first, killing him.

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