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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Ali was one of the Kamistani conspirators working under Samir Mehran.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Ali was waiting at the warehouse in Forest Hills when Samir and Farhad Hassan arrived with the nuclear fuel rods. He and Samir then revealed to Farhad their intentions of using the nuclear rods in American soil. When Farhad offered to contact someone that could find them a detonator for the weapon, Ali went with him to make the call. However, Farhad attacked him with a wrench and fled. When Samir found out what happened, he ordered Ali to find Farhad.

After searching carefully, Ali spotted his target when Farhad went against the advice of Brian Hastings and tried to flee. Ali shot Farhad twice and fled before CTU could capture him. He later rendezvoused with Samir and the others at a diner. There, they all observed a false news report planted by CTU which claimed that Farhad was alive and expected to survive. Ali was stunned and ashamed, but when he offered to go and finish the job, he was turned down by Samir who sent Marcos Al-Zacar instead.

After Marcos was discovered and trapped himself in a chamber at the hospital, Ali and Samir managed to tap into the surveillance cameras where they could observe him. From there, they saw Elaine Al-Zacar trying to talk her son out of the chamber. While Ali originally believed Marcos wouldn't break, he ended up coming out of the chamber. At that point, Ali managed to arm the suicide vest remotely, detonating it and killing Marcos instantly. However, Marcos managed to reveal to Jack Bauer that Tarin Faroush was one of the terrorist collaborators.

When CTU tracked the terrorists to a dock in the East River, Ali stayed behind during the firefight against Jack and Cole while Samir and Tarin crossed the river into Manhattan. His men succeeded in killing Agent Owen and Agent King. After shooting Jack in his bulletproof vest and taking aim at his head, he was gunned down from behind by Renee Walker.

Ali was tasked to be the driver of the van containing the fully armed nuclear fuel rods dirty bomb, but after his death, Samir assigned Tarin to take his place.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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