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Amiri was a general in the military of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan during Day 8.

Before Day 8 Edit

General Amiri supported Farhad Hassan — the brother of Kamistani president Omar Hassan — and General Wasim in a plot to overthrow Omar and obtain nuclear weapons for their country.

Day 8 Edit

During Day 8, President Hassan was rescued from an assassination attempt outside the United Nations, and later discovered that it was Amiri, Farhad, Wasim, and their supporters who were planning a coup. Amiri was one of the highest-ranking members of the traitorous faction who was arrested in Kamistan (shortly before 8pm EST) during President Hassan's crackdown. Fellow general Wasim found Amiri's arrest particularly disturbing, who reported the news to Farhad. Farhad, however, was not discouraged by the arrests.

The captured traitors faced certain execution, but shortly after their arrests, President Allison Taylor asked President Hassan to reconsider this punishment.

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