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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.
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Amis was a New York Police Department sergeant active during Day 8.

Day 8[]

Amis was leading the tactical team of the NYPD set to contain Tarin Faroush at the Teodore Hotel. Dana Walsh from CTU NY, coordinated with him the communication between them and Jack Bauer's field team. Amis informed them that Tarin was indeed in room 514 and that they were ready to proceed. However, Jack ordered him to stand down and cover a perimeter until they could arrive at the site.

When Tarin started moving to escape, Amis and his team started approaching the hotel despite the warnings of Bauer not to do so. As they spread throughout the hotel, Amis took one of the staircases with Officers Faulkner and Martin. After they reached the fifth floor and walked down the hallway, Tarin managed to sneak up behind them and shoot them in the back.

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