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Amy Seelaki was Special Field Agent in Charge of CTU Alaska. She served with Jack Bauer during Delta Force in Afghanistan and was part of the team with Sergeant Buchanan, who was beheaded by Oleg Malenov.

Before Cold Warriors Edit

Amy was of Russian/Inuit decent. She served as one of Alaska's cold warriors for the military in Afghanistan and Iraq. She shared legendary status within the ranks of CTU, ascending to Director of Field Operations of CTU Alaska after being in the Delta Force.

Cold Warriors Edit

When Malenov resurfaced, Jack Bauer was sent to Alaska to assist Seelaki in retrieving him. They managed to stop him from destroying all wireless communication and Amy stood by as Jack beheaded Malenov in vengeance for what he did to their agent. She thanked him afterwards for his assistance.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Women don't actually serve in Delta Force's Operational arm, though they are rumored to be in its intel-gathering Operational Support Troop.

Live appearancesEdit