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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

The Anacostia Detention Facility was an American prison facility operating under the authorization of President Wayne Palmer and his Chief of Staff, Tom Lennox, during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Originally an elementary school, it was one of several facilities created throughout the United States in response to the series of terrorist attacks conducted by Abu Fayed prior to and during Day 6. FBI Agents Samuels and Nichols apprehended Sandra Palmer and Walid Al-Rezani for resisting the agency's efforts to research Muslim-Americans, and brought them to the facility. Sandra was cleared by her brother, President Wayne Palmer, but Walid was processed with the rest of the other prisoners. During the process, he verbally defended a stranger, Salim, but was then beaten by a National Guard soldier, Tuers. The incident earned Walid the respect of Salim and some other prisoners.

At the facility, Walid reported that some of the prisoners, including Salim and Heydar, may have actually been involved with the day's terrorism. FBI Agent Jennings assisted Samuels in sneaking a wire on Walid's body, and roughed him up to make the prisoners commiserate with him more. The plan backfired when the suspects determined that Walid stole Heydar's phone and beat him. CTU agents investigating the lead at Anacostia determined that Salim, Heydar, and the others were not actual terrorists, but were merely moral supporters who had visited some extremist websites.

Key players[]

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