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Andre was one of Sergei Bazhaev's men in the Russian crime syndicate Red Square during Day 8.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Andre was sent to accompany Dimitri by Sergei Bazhaev to find Bazhaev's sons Josef and Oleg who had disobeyed their father's orders to go to their country house to see Ulana. The two tracked down the crime boss's sons to the clinic of Dr. Levine, where Josef was getting Oleg treated for raditation poisoning against Sergei's wishes. Dimitri and Andre shot two of the medical staff to death, and Andre then killed Dr. Levine to confront Josef. Dimitri talked Josef into standing down, and the two men brought the sons out of the clinic and returned them to Sergei.

Andre remained in the room with Josef and Oleg until Sergei arrived and ordered him to leave.

He was also part of the crew led by Dimitri to go and capture or kill Vladimir Laitanan. They arrived via an underground tunnel but found Laitanan and two of his men already killed. Eventually they left the way they came, loading the captive Jack Bauer into their van and then returning to Bazhaev's restaurant.

Later, at about 11:45pm, Andre received orders from Sergei about the planned delivery of the nuclear fuel rods to Farhad Hassan: he was to patrol the perimeter with some men while Mikhail and another man would remain with the cargo. However, before Sergei could finish speaking, Jack Bauer cut the power to the restaurant, so Sergei had Andre and another man guard the doors of the room. Jack snuck through the kitchen and shot both men through the holes in the door, killing them both.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although unnamed in the episodes, this character was named in the fox.com episode summary.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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