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Andrew Paige was an old classmate of Chloe O'Brian and computer programmer working in Los Angeles during Day 4.

Personal information[]

From Andrew's driver's license:

Day 4[]


Andrew downloads the copyrighted software

Andrew was downloading copyrighted software when he discovered that several major Internet nodes had been compromised. He hacked further and noticed that the language used to set up the nodes appeared to be Middle Eastern. At the urging of his co-worker Melanie, he went to a coffee shop and called Chloe to inform her of a possible threat.

When he returned to the office, he found all of his co-workers dead except Melanie, who was shot while he watched. He escaped the terrorists on his bicycle and tried to warn his mother to get out of her house, but Kalil Hasan was already there.


CTU displays Andrew's driver's license

He called Chloe again, and this time got not only her but Jack Bauer. Andrew wanted to leave Los Angeles immediately, but Jack convinced him to stay and help them. Unknown to any of them, however, Hasan was listening in to their conversation, and arranged to kidnap Andrew based on the information he gave Jack and Chloe.

Hasan succeeded in kidnapping Andrew, and took him to a remote location to find out what he knew. After being tortured for several minutes while Chloe and Jack watched, Andrew convinced Hasan that he knew nothing important. Hasan ordered him killed anyway. Jack saved his life by shooting two of Hasan's thugs with a sniper rifle.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Andrew Paige: I'm just stealing some software from Adobe and Microsoft.
  • Melanie: You're gonna get caught one of these days.
  • Andrew Paige: (jokingly) Hey, Melanie. Don't tell anybody, or I'll have to kill you. ("Day 4: 7:00am-8:00am")

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