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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Andrews Air Force Base is a military airport in Washington, D.C..

Day 6[]

At 1:16pm a Secret Service agent told President Wayne Palmer that Hamri Al-Assad's plane had arrived at Andrews Air Force Base.


Karen learns about the President

Later, at 5:29pm, Karen Hayes was waiting for an airplane to take her to CTU Los Angeles after having been blackmailed to leave the White House (and the favor of President Wayne Palmer) by Tom Lennox. During the wait she watched a live news report about the death toll in Valencia. She then received a call from her husband, Bill Buchanan, who informed her about the attempted assassination of the President, and decided to go back to assist Vice President Noah Daniels.

Day 7[]

Sometime after 3:00pm, Secret Service Agent Edward Vossler was heading to Andrews Air Force Base to pick up a dignitary to start his 4:00pm shift. However, he was intercepted by Jack Bauer who questioned him about the location of Henry Taylor whom he had kidnapped a while before. Vossler and Jack eventually got in a fight and Vossler was killed with a knife in the struggle.

After Benjamin Juma's siege at the White House, FBI Agent Reynolds told President Allison Taylor that they will transfer her to Andrews Air Force Base, but she refused to do so.

When Jonas Hodges made a deal to be taken into witness protection, Marshal Sullivan came to the FBI Headquarters to transport him to Andrews Air Force Base. He would then be taken to Colorado. This failed when Hodges was blown up by a car bomb planted by an anonymous contract killer.

Background information and notes[]

  • In actuality, Andrews Air Force Base is eight miles east of Washington DC, in Prince George's County, Maryland.
  • Air Force One and Air Force Two are based at Andrews Air Force Base.