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Angela Nelson was President Allison Taylor's Press Secretary during Day 7 and Day 8.

Day 7 Edit

Before making the official White House statement to the press at 9:20am, Angela asked Ethan Kanin if there were any changes in the announcements. He okayed her statement but reminded her to refrain from mentioning when the military action planned by President Taylor in Sangala would begin. Angela was also encouraged to mention Ule Matobo and the fact that he would be restored to power following the action.

In the crowded press room, Angela began her statement by decrying the genocidal destruction caused by Benjamin Juma despite the international denunciation. President Taylor has decided to remove him from power to stop the killings. She was immediately showered with questions. She chose one reporter, Lydia, who asked about the time frame and exit strategy, but, as she promised to Kanin, Angela gave no definitive answers. She did say however that Taylor and Matobo were currently meeting to formulate a post-invasion strategy.

After 2:20pm, Angela and President Taylor checked over an upcoming White House statement concerning Dubaku's attack that caused the deaths of over 300 Americans. Angela challenged the inclusion of the word "outrage" but the President insisted. Angela was excused by Ethan Kanin when he came to report Dubaku's next target.

After Juma's attack on the White House was stopped, Taylor told one of her aides to contact Angela to prepare a speech. Angela was working on the speech with the President sometime after 9:00pm. At the press conference, Angela introduced her to the reporters and warned them that there would be no follow-up questions.

Day 8 Edit

From the podium of the United Nations building, Angela made the announcement that Dalia Hassan would take over for her deceased husband as President of Kamistan and the foregoing Peace Treaty. Among those on the stage were President Allison Taylor and Mikhail Novakovich. Later, she announced Ethan Kanin's resignation due to heart problems (in actuality, he had resigned due to disagreements with Taylor's decision to cover up the peace treaty) and recognised Charles Logan's involvement in the revival of the peace process as per his demand to be so.

Background Information and notes Edit

  • Angela Nelson is the only Press Secretary on 24 who appeared in more than one season.

Live appearancesEdit

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