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Angie Lawson was the manager of the video surveillance unit in CTU Los Angeles during the events of The Rookie.


Personal Information[]

  • Title: Manager of video surveillance unit of CTU Los Angeles
  • Age: 30
  • Marital Status: Single; left fiance at altar
  • Interests: Skydiving

Career History[]

Angie Lawson joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation after grad school. Angie studied Russian, Farsi, and Mandarin Chinese, with the skill of being able to read the languages from people's lips. She spent three years in the FBI Counter-espionage headquarters in Washington, D.C.. In 2002, she was transferred to the Los Angeles domestic unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit.

The Rookie[]

Coffee Run[]


Angie with Alton at the end of Day 1

In Day 1 of The Rookie, Angie prepared for a meeting with Deputy Director Alton Maxwell. New recruit Jason Blaine discovered information on terrorist Jamal bin Muhammed, but he had to leave the building to pick up some coffee for the debriefing. When a hostage crisis erupted at a bank, Blaine decided to intervene, despite not having a firearm. Blaine called Angie and put her on speaker phone and he was able to grab a gun. After killing most of the hostiles, Blaine was apprehended by the LAPD. When they realized he was with CTU, they let him sneak out the back and he returned with the coffee. Maxwell had no idea that Blaine was responsible for saving the hostage's lives in the bank, and Angie stayed silent, telling him that he will get his break one day.

Mistaken Identity[]


Angie talks with Alton

Angie and Jason begins the second day of "The Rookie" by trying to work out the problems CTU is having with the Asian feed. She gets a video call from Alton, who is at a desert base waiting for the Russian Ambassador to arrive. He asks her to make "the rookie" bring his PDA out to him. She asks him if he wants to go in the field, which he happily agrees to. Jason takes Alton's car, and Angie humorously calls him and says its a "rookie move" to steal the boss' car.

Around 15 minutes later a CTU techie tells Angie they have lost Sat and Com altogether. Soon after she receives a call from Jason when he is in the Diner, and he asks her about routes to the air base. Before she can tell him which of the two she found was closer, the call was cut off.

At 2.45 p.m. Angie is overseeing the landing of the Russian Ambassador's plane. She says it is five miles out, and a few moments later that it is 1000 feet from touchdown. Angie is not seen again in Day 2, but we assume she managed to help the plane land safely, as we see the Russian Ambassador departing it safely.

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