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Dr. Anne Packard was the love interest of President David Palmer during Day 3.

Day 3[]

After Palmer survived an assassination attempt by Mandy at the end of Day 2, he required medical attention, and Anne Packard was his doctor. He had divorced his former wife Sherry Palmer, and had begun to see Anne romantically prior to the events of Day 3. Palmer's brother and Chief of Staff, Wayne Palmer, disapproved of the relationship because he feared the political consequences.

Palmer's opponent in the presidential election, Senator John Keeler, had planned to release allegations from Ted Packard, Anne's ex-husband, during the presidential debate. Ted had been involved in a faulty drug scandal, and attempted to implicate Anne in the scandal. Wayne Palmer wanted to pay Ted off, and David was willing to go along, but called it off after Anne insisted that she didn't. Keeler released his allegation during the debate, but it was overshadowed when Palmer had to deal with a situation involving Jack Bauer breaking Ramon Salazar out of prison.

Later, Ted called Anne over to his office to give her evidence that would clear her name. Once there, she noticed a gun, and tried to talk Ted out of committing suicide. He seemed to be influenced by her, but then shot himself in front of her.

After finding the evidence that cleared her name, she told David she could not deal with the brutality of his world, and ended their relationship.

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