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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Suvarov signs the treaty

The anti-terrorism treaty, officially the Nuclear Weapons Limitation Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Russia, was a "historical accord" that would unite the two countries in the fight against terror. It was signed by U.S. President Charles Logan and Russian president Yuri Suvarov on the morning of Day 5 at the presidential retreat in Hidden Valley, California.

Before Day 5[]

President Logan and his administration had spent 16 months planning and coordinating for the signing of the treaty. ("Day 5: 9:00am-10:00am")

Day 5[]

President Logan considered the signing the "hallmark of [his] presidency". President Suvarov also mentioned that he staked much of his political and economical future on the treaty. The treaty would allow the United States and Russia to share weapons and resources as a team in fighting terrorism.


Logan signs the treaty, while being watched by Nathanson and Beresch

The treaty was interrupted when a cell of Dawn Brigade separatists from Central Asia held hostages in an airport terminal at Ontario Airport. The separatists broadcasted their actions to networks nationwide threatening to execute their hostages unless the treaty signing was cancelled. The separatist leader, Anton Beresch, stated that that their region was under Russian oppression and considered the treaty a corrupt document. Beresch's people did not want to be under the rule of country that was allies with the U.S. and were willing to use every means necessary to obtain their "own due national sovereignty."

Despite the hostage situation, Logan and Suvurov proceeded with the signing having faith in CTU's ability to rescue the hostages before their execution. The rescue attempt was successful and the treaty was signed.


Presidents Logan and Suvarov pose for the media after signing the treaty

The treaty played an important role in a U.S. government conspiracy to secure oil interests in Central Asia. American businessman and former CIA agent, James Nathanson, orchestrated the hostage situation so that authorities would be distracted while terrorists stole 20 canisters of Sentox nerve gas that were hidden in an adjacent hangar. Nathanson and his cohorts rigged the canisters by satellite to release the gas in the terrorists' homeland. This act would provide evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Central Asia. Because of the arms agreement, the U.S. could justify sending troops to that area and eventually guarantee the flow of oil for the next generation. Jack Bauer foiled this plot.

Among Nathanson's co-conspirators were private military executive Alan Wilson, Department of Defense contractor Christopher Henderson, Logan's chief of staff Walt Cummings, business magnate Graem Bauer and President Logan himself. Logan did not design or conduct the plot, but he authorized it, feeling it would be in the "country's best interest."

Background information and notes[]

  • It is not known whether the treaty with Russia still remained valid after President Logan's plot was discovered. He was quietly placed under house arrest after Season 5, but given how it was mentioned in Season 6 that only the U.S. and Russia had access to FB subcircuit boards it seems it did.