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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

The Anti Terrorist Unit (or ATU) was an Indian government agency that dealt with terrorist threats the nation. It was headquartered in Mumbai, and fell under the purview of RAW.

History Edit

The ATU was set up shortly after the terrorist attack of 26th November, 2008, in Mumbai. The headquarters were established in that city, and Jai Singh Rathod was installed as chief of the agency.

On Day 1, they were tasked with protecting the life of Aditya Singhania, the incoming Prime Minister. A mole was uncovered in the organisation, and Singhania was ultimately saved from being assassinated by the LTFE group. During Day 2, the ATU was responsible for preventing a biological threat against Mumbai.

Missions Edit

Day Mission
In1x24 Aditya crosshairs
Day 1
Protecting Aditya Singhania
RAW agent Vicky passed word that there was a plot against newly elected Prime Minister Aditya Singhania. Jai Singh Rathod and the rest of ATU were charged with keeping Aditya safe; however, Rathod's family were kidnapped by Yakub Syed and he was forced to work against the agency. Once his family were safe, he identified the LTFE group as behind the attack, as revenge for Operation Trishul which had taken place ten years previously. After foiling Bala Ravindran's plan to plant a bomb on Aditya's press secretary, Jai also saved Aditya from a bomb concealed in a phone and took out a sniper targeting a late night press conference.
Day 2 Preventing a virus outbreak

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