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Anton was one of Sergei Bazhaev's Red Square men; he drove the truck containing the stolen nuclear fuel rods during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Anton drove the truck in the direction of Sergei's destination for the fuel rods until Luka received a call from their boss Bazhaev, telling them to pull away from the road at a weighing station in Wantagh Parkway and await further instructions. Sergei had been alarmed by Vladimir Laitanan who somehow knew about the rods when the transport was supposed to be secret.

Shortly before midnight, Sergei and his men were taken into custody. CTU agents quickly surrounded the parked truck after Sergei gave them up in exchange for immunity. Luka and Anton were both found shot to death and the fuel rods were missing from their crates. Josef Bazhaev was the man responsible as he felt betrayed by his father and wanted to carry out the deal with Hassan himself.

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