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Ara Naseri was the daughter of terrorist Asim Naseri during Day 10.


Ara was kidnapped by American agents hired by the Director of National Intelligence, Donald Simms, in a covert operation called "East July" in an attempt to force her father to give up Ibrahim Bin-Khalid or they would kill her. When Asim did not give up Bin-Khalid, the agents hid Ara in the farmhouse and kept her there for the last year.

Day 10[]

As Eric Carter accessed Simms' computer from his office at The Pentagon, he saw Ara on a surveillance camera; alive and well. Then, he left the office to find the girl at the farmhouse and assault both Steve and his partner in the process. Eric successfully found the girl and he introduced himself to her before planning to bring her to her father in order to save his trusted ally; Rebecca Ingram, who was kidnapped by Bin-Khalid and Naseri and they are about to execute her in a live broadcast soon.

Simms eventually sent Tony Almeida to kill Ara while Carter attempted to protect her. After a firefight, Almeida retreated upon learning that Ara is the best chance to save Rebecca. Carter was able to get Naseri's phone number from Naseri and arranges a deal where in exchange for saving Rebecca, the US government would return Ara to Yemen to live with her family. After Naseri saved Rebecca, it was agreed that once she is released, Ara would be turned over to the Jordanian embassy to be returned to Yemen. Ara was eventually given to the Jordanian ambassador who had arranged for her mother to come to the United States while her father witnessed her reach safety through a video link. However, Ara witnessed her father's death when he was shot by Bin-Khalid moments later.

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