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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Jack Bauer follows Chase Edmunds to Fort Lesker.


Adam Kaufman calls Jack Bauer on route to Fort Lesker. Adam tells him that he has the information he needs on the Fort. He explains that it is a series of labs handling primarily with weapons grade plutonium that has been seized or confiscated. They also get confirmation that the epicenter of the earthquake was at the heart of Fort Lesker, suggesting that Max and his men could have broken in and stolen the plutonium. Jack hangs up. Michelle Dessler tells Ryan Chappelle that she knows where Kate Warner is, but Chappelle stops her from telling him as it will distract him. He says that they can tell Jack when his mission has ended. Michelle and Tony share a disapproving look.

Meanwhile, Chase Edmunds has stood in and is pretending to be a driver for a truck for Joseph Sin-Chung, the men giving him the truck unaware that Sin-Chung is dead. Sonny leads Chase to the truck as Chase dials Jack. He tells Chase to get in and drive, not telling him where they are going. Jack answers the call and hears the conversation between Chase and Sonny. Through the conversation Jack realizes that they are heading to Fort Lesker, and calls in to CTU. Chase also slips in some locations as they pass, allowing CTU to find his vehicle. Michelle uploads the tracking to Jack's GPS giving him a constant visual of his location, and he begins to pursue.

He soon catches up with truck after avoiding several small avalanches, and begins to trail it. They reach the base and a spotlight guards the entrance. Jack finds an alternate route around that then joins up with the truck's path. More spotlights try to detect the presence of intruders, but Jack navigates his way around them.

The truck reaches the front of the Fort but Jack is unable to get through with it due to a guarding spotlight. He finds a side passage that leads to a gap in the wall. Exiting his vehicle, Jack sneaks along the path and, avoiding more spotlights, gets in the back of the truck.