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Aron Bashir, known as Basher, was a heroin dealer and known associate of British criminal hacker Derrick Yates. Yates had been residing at his housing project during the time that he hijacked a U.S. military drone, causing it to attack and kill four soldiers in a supposed act of friendly fire.

Day 9[]

Jack Bauer (with the help of Chloe O'Brian and Adrian Cross) managed to track down Yates to the housing projects, where he took one of Basher's men hostage at gunpoint and enteed his house. Jack offered Basher the chance to trade his life for Yates', but a fight ensued, with Basher's throat being slashed by Jack as he continued his hunt for Yates. Jack was apprehended by the CIA and attempted to tell CIA agent Kate Morgan about Yates, but Basher shot Jack in the arm from a balcony before running off. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

Basher was captured a short time later, and Morgan attempted to interrogate him about the location of Yates, but he refused to talk. Erik Ritter was then ordered to release Basher and his men by his superior Steve Navarro. However, Kate decided to knock Basher unconscious against Erik's will. Reluctantly, Erik helped her to get Basher in their car and they drove away.

When Basher regained consciousness, Kate started asking him questions about Yates again. When he refused to talk again, she threatened to deliver him to the hideout of the Tamil Boys, a rival gang that had a grudge with him. As they approached the place, Basher panicked and started talking, telling her that Yates was working on a piece of technology that could commandeer American drones. Kate then drove away as the rival gang members approached the car. ("1:00pm-2:00pm")

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