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Arthur Nemec was the senior technical manager for a telephone network. He was also responsible for sending commercial intelligence to Russia and was coerced into helping Arkady Bazin and his team track down Jack Bauer.

Nemec met with Galina Ziminova sometime after Bauer escaped from the FBI. Ziminova demanded full access to the network's logs, and when Nemec refused, Ziminova told him that her employer would murder his wife and children unless he complied. Nemec agreed, and then left the meeting. Later, Nemec was shocked when he came into his office and saw that Ziminova and Bazin were already inside. Nemec panicked and tried to tell them that he couldn't be seen in public with the agents; he then requested reassurances in case anything went wrong, which they said he'd have. Afterwards, he showed the operatives the information he found: a recording of Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds talking to each other east of Pittsburgh. In order to convince Bazin and Ziminova he was still valuable, he also gave them Chase's address, and the agents resumed their hunt for Bauer.

The frequent dealings with Bazin and Ziminova took its toll on Nemec's sanity. The next day, around dawn, Nemec wrote a suicide note and shot himself in the head, unable to cope with being a traitor to America. (Deadline)

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