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Welton was the doctor who operated on President Wayne Palmer after the assassination attempt during Day 6.

Day 6

After an assassination attempt was made on President Wayne Palmer, he was rushed down to the medical center in the presidential bunker. Welton and his team operated on Wayne, who was in critical condition. Wayne had surprisingly strong vitals for his condition, but he needed to be put into a chemically induced coma in order to stay stabilized.

Karen Hayes later confronted Welton and asked about Wayne's condition. When Karen asked if Wayne could be brought back to consciousness, to handle a matter of National Security, Welton highly advised against it. Bringing Wayne out of his comatose state could cause permanent damage. Welton also told Hayes that he would need consent from a family member, particularly Wayne's sister Sandra, who was present at the bunker.

Less than an hour later, Welton was confronted by Karen and Sandra. Sandra told him that she wanted her brother brought out of the induced coma. Welton told her that Wayne would face serious complications if he was brought out of the coma. Welton realized that this was the only way to stop a third World War, so he followed Sandra's wishes. When Vice President Noah Daniels demanded for Welton to keep Wayne in the coma, Welton told Daniels that he had no authority over him.

Shortly after Wayne was brought out, complications started to begin, but Welton and the nursing staff were able to prevent this. Before 12am EST (9pm PST), Wayne was conscious and he called off the nuclear strike.


Day 6

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