Wiki 24

Jack Bauer protects Agent Landis while she diffuses the bomb.


The team arrives at the bomb site and see that they have nine minutes left until detonation. However, Evans says that it is plenty of time and Jack nods in agreement. Suddenly he sees men beginning to advance from all around. Evans is shot and Landis jumps back in fear. Jack tells her to diffuse the bomb. She says that she is not sure if she can but Jack says that she has to and begins to take out the men. Hostiles swarm the area as Landis slowly defuses the bomb. Jack manages to protect Landis long enough for her to diffuse the bomb.


The lights over Los Angeles just before going out

Jack calls CTU and tells Michelle that the final bomb has been diffused, and that he will head back to CTU once it has been contained. However, Adam tells Michelle that he is still picking up the carried frequency from Jack's site. He deduces that there must be a second bomb but because they are both working out of one frequency CTU could only detect one. Jack tells Agent Landis that they need to leave immediately. She is shocked that there is another bomb, so Jack pulls her away. They run out of the site as the countdown gets from 7 to 0 seconds. Peter Madsen and Joseph Sin-Chung watch as the timer reaches zero and the construction site explodes. Jack and Landis are engulfed in a cloud of gas and, at CTU, Michelle feels the floor shake. She, along with the rest of the personnel at CTU, get to the floor.

In the street a huge crevasse rips through the freeway. A car pulls to a stop just before falling into it. At the construction site, a crane collapses. Jack gets up and sees Agent Landis crushed under some rubble. The cityscape shows the lights over Los Angeles going dark.