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The Attorney General is the head of the Justice Department of the United States.

Notable Attorneys General[]

Picture Name Served during Status
James Quincy Veto Power Alive

James Quincy was the Attorney General during the events of Veto Power.

(name unspecified) Day 4 Alive

At the end of Day 4, the Attorney General of former President Keeler's Cabinet was contacted for President Charles Logan, who wanted a pardon arranged for Mandy. The Attorney General called Mike Novick to confirm that the pardon was complete.

AttG Bates Day 5 Alive

At the end of Day 5, Attorney General Bates was contacted by Chloe O'Brian to listen to an audio recording in which Charles Logan admitted to involvement in terrorist activities of the past 24 hours, including the assassation of former President David Palmer. After hearing the recording, Bates had Logan arrested.

Graves Kevin Graves Day 6 Alive

Kevin Graves was summoned following the dispute between Vice President Noah Daniels and President Wayne Palmer about Palmer's present condition to lead the country following an assassination attempt. After a tie vote in the Cabinet to remove Palmer from office, along with Daniels' claim that the vote of Karen Hayes was invalid, Graves decided to hand this case over to the Supreme Court.

Cabinet-member-d7 (name unspecified) Day 7 Alive

The Attorney General of President Allison Taylor filed a complaint to the FBI office led by Larry Moss, because of Renee Walker's illegal torture of Alan Tanner. Also, after Jack Bauer was arrested for the torture of Ryan Burnett, the Attorney General requested that Bill Buchanan turn over Jack to his custody so he could file criminal charges. At a Cabinet/Joint Chiefs meeting later, he explained the negative legal ramifications of using the military to assault the Starkwood compound without legislative approval.