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(After Day 5)
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== After Day 5 ==
== After Day 5 ==
Audrey spent a year looking through back channels trying to find Jack. Having figured out Jack was in China, she went there to find a way to get him home, but was supposilly killed in a car accident.
Audrey spent a year looking through back channels trying to find Jack. Having figured out Jack was in China, she went there to find a way to get him home, but was killed in a car accident. CTU sent a DNA sample to China, which confirmed Audrey's death. All other information regarding the accident has been classified by [[Division]].
== Memorable quotes ==
== Memorable quotes ==

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Template:Audrey Raines sidebar Audrey Raines was an Inter-Agency Liaison for the Department of Defense with CTU Los Angeles. She previously worked for the Defense Department as a Senior Policy Analyst.

Before Day 4

Before joining the Department of Defense, Raines was a Consultant for Government Contracts with Anderson Aerospace Corporation. Before that she was a Government Liaison and Registered Lobbyist with Ballard Technology. She began her career as a Legislative Assistant for a U.S. Representative on the House Armed Services Committee (possibly for her father).

Raines has a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Brown University and a B.A. in English from Yale University.


Audrey Raines was the daughter of James Heller, who was later appointed as the Secretary of Defense by President John Keeler. Audrey's mother Susan passed away before the events of Day 4. Audrey had one brother, Richard, who's political beliefs differentiated from her and her father's. Audrey was married to Paul Raines and they were separated at the time of his death, though they acknowledged the possibility of a reconciliation.

As her father's Senior Policy Analyst, Audrey often directly worked with Jack Bauer, who was a special assistant to Secretary Heller. When Audrey split with her husband Paul, she and Jack became romantically involved. Before Day 4 started, they were falling in love with each other and they concealed their relationship from Audrey's father.

Day 4


Audrey and Jack have a romantic moment.

During the events of Day 4, Jack planned on telling Secretary Heller about his relationship with his daughter, but Audrey begged him not to and tried to convince him they should hold off. Audrey explained that her father would want her involved with anyone until her and Paul are officially divorced.

Secretary Heller was scheduled to go to CTU Los Angeles for a budget meeting, but he wasn't able to make it and Jack was sent in his place. Audrey wasn't sure if Jack can handle going back there, but Jack assured her he would be fine. Heller and his daughter went to meet with Richard, as Richard was planning on attending a rally, which bashed Heller's position as the Secretary of Defense.

While Heller spoke with Richard, Audrey waited in the limousine and took phone calls. When Jack called and requested to speak with Heller, Audrey interrupted her father and brother. Secretary Heller wasn't able to meet Jack's request and when Richard wouldn't change his mind on going to the rally, Audrey and her father decided to leave. While discussing scheduling changes with her father, Audrey got a call from Jack. She delayed the call, but eventually picked up.

Jack told Audrey that Secretary Heller was in danger and terrorists attacked Heller's motorcade. Audrey dropped the phone and men grabbed her. Heller demanded for the men to leave his daughter alone and the hostiles killed all of the Secret Service agents. They put Audrey and her father in a van and drove off. They eventually arrived at a compound, ran by Middle Eastern terrorists.


Audrey and her father are held captive.

After they arrived at the compound, Audrey panicked and was convinced they were going to die. Heller assured her that they would eventually be rescued. Audrey was devastated when she learned that her father would be put on trial for crimes against humanity and if he was found guilty, he would be executed and the live feed would be all over the internet. When men wanted to kill Audrey, Omar refused, as he saw her as a useful tool.

When Omar wanted Heller to sign a document confessing to the crimes, Heller refused and Omar had his men grab Audrey. When Omar threatened to kill Audrey, Heller gave in and signed the document. Heller saw that he was going to die in the next few hours and he told Audrey that she should try to escape when the trial begins. Audrey refused to leave him behind, as she was convinced that Jack would come for them.

When Heller began to have trouble breathing, Audrey was convinced he was having heart problems and she where his medication was. Heller began to have a heart attack and Audrey called for one of the guards to come in. It turned out Heller was faking his heart attack and with help from Audrey, Heller was able to knock the guard out. He grabbed the guard's gun and killed a few hostiles, but he and Audrey were cornered by Omar's men. Omar assured Heller if another one of his guards dies, Audrey will be killed.

Audrey and her father were tied up to a chair and Heller began to feel guilty over signing the confession. Audrey assured her father that signing the confession was not treason and anyone else in his situation would of done the same thing. Heller asked for Audrey to take his life, and she refused. She decided that they both should die together, as she is going to get killed anyways. They caused a gas leak and began to inhale toxic fumes. Omar and his men arrived in time and revived them. Audrey recognized one of them men who was with Omar.

Heller was taken away as the trial began, and Audrey was yelling at one of the guards. Jack had arrived at the compound and he found Audrey. She told him to get her father first and Jack gave her a knife. Jack successfully rescued Heller and they killed all the surrounding hostiles. Jack and Heller went to get Audrey, but she was missing. After fighting off the remaining hostiles, the Marines arrived and took out the rest. Omar exited the compound and threatened to kill Audrey. Audrey stabbed him in the leg and Jack threw a knife in his neck, Omar was then finished off by the Marines.


After noticing Audrey and Jack's behavior, Secretary Heller realized they were romantically involved. He confronted Audrey about it and gave his approval. Audrey then told Jack about the man she recognized. Jack showed her pictures of all of the dead hostiles, but he wasn't there. Audrey then realized that she met the man at a political function.

When she arrived at CTU, Audrey was shocked to see Paul there. Paul told her he took a plane to Los Angeles the moment he heard she and her father were kidnapped. Paul attempted to make amends with his wife and get back together with her, but Audrey broke the news to him that she was in love with another man. Paul realized that it was Jack and he left CTU. Audrey then agreed to identify the man she recognized at Felsted Security.

Audrey was able to identify the man from surveillance footage and it was learned that the man was Henry Powell. When Jack lost communication with his team, he realized that Powell's men learned about Audrey identifying him. Jack realized their was a mole inside CTU and he called the only person he could trust. When trying to exit the building, Audrey and Jack were trapped and were forced to fight off the hostiles by themselves.

Eventually Audrey and Jack ran out of ammunition and the hostiles began to approach them. Tony Almeida arrived and saved Audrey and Jack's life. He brought them back to his apartment and Jack informed Secretary Heller about someone inside CTU working with the terrorists. Heller is able to set up the traitor and Sarah Gavin was arrested. When Jack and Tony went to follow up on a lead, Secret Service agents bring Audrey back to CTU. Eventually it was learned that Marianne Taylor was the mole and she set Sarah up to take the fall.


After being confronted by Paul on her relationship with Jack, Audrey decides to coordinate with CTU when they run low on mapower. Though Edgar Stiles was able to create and execute a program to stop the Dobson Override device from melting down the nuclear plant, six plants were unresponsive. When a nuclear meltdown occured at San Gabriel Island, Edgar realized his mother Lucy wasn't able to evacuate. Edgar confronted Audrey and asked for her help.

Audrey called the National Guard in an effort to have Lucy rescued, but they weren't able to do anything. Audrey learned that the radiation cloud emitted from the meltdown, was headed over the area where the citizens were trapped. Audrey broke the news to Edgar that his mother was going to die. Edgar is devastated over the loss of his mother, but Erin Driscoll assured Edgar that he didn't have time to work. Edgar put his feelings aside and continued to work with CTU. Audrey felt terrible over Edgar's loss.

While following up on a lead, Jack and Tony are lead to the building where the terrorists planned the kidnapping of Secretary Heller. Jack learned that the building was owned by Galaxy Financial Services, a company ran by Paul. Paul personally signed off on Harris Barnes, the alias of terrorist Habib Marwan, renting the place. When Audrey told Jack that Paul was on his way out of town, she decided to stall him until Jack could arrive.


Paul was getting ready to leave his hotel, when he got a call from Audrey. When Audrey told him she wanted to talk about their future, Paul agreed to stay in town for a little longer. Audrey arrived at his hotel room and she had a drink with them. Paul noticed Audrey's strange behavior and he became suspicious of her. When Paul began to make accusations and lost his temper, Audrey became frightened. Luckily Jack arrived and spared Audrey from seeing her estranged husband get violent.

When Paul wouldn't give up any information, Jack was forced to use torturing methods. He ripped Paul's shirt open and ripped a wire off a light fixture. Jack began to electrocute Paul and Audrey was horrified to witness it. Audrey was convinced that Paul wasn't working with terrorists, and Jack decided to believe that Paul didn't willingly work with them. Paul apologized to Audrey for possibly putting her and her father in danger, and she reached out to him.

Jack and Paul decided to go to McLennan-Forster, the defense contractor that manufactured the Dobson override. Audrey returned to CTU and she asked Jack to take care of her husband. After she returned to CTU, Audrey began to question her feelings for Jack, as he seemed like a different person when he was on the field. Audrey spoke to Tony, who was convinced Jack would never return to a desk job after what happened during the day. When CTU loses contact with Jack and Paul, due to an Electromagnetic pulse bomb being set off, Audrey started to worry.

When Michelle Dessler took over command of CTU, Audrey noticed Michelle was very cold towards Tony, as they were formerly married. Audrey confronted Michelle and asked her to give Tony a break. When Audrey told her that Tony saved her and Jack's life earlier in the day, Michelle began to take Tony's opinions more seriously. Audrey became grateful when she learned CTU found Jack and Paul's location, and they would be back with the evidence against the company momentarily.


Audrey is comforted by her father, as Paul is brought into surgery.

Audrey became devastated when she learned Paul was shot by Dave Conlon, in order to prevent Jack from being shot. Her father comforted her and she confessed that she didn't realize she still cared for Paul as much as she did. When Jack decided to go on the field and act as the hostage of Dina Araz, in order to get to Marwan, Audrey is against it. She felt that Jack would be put in danger and Jack assured her that he would be fine and the crisis would soon be over.

As Audrey waited for Paul to be released from surgery, Tony confronted her and told her about Jack's status. Audrey was devastated when she learned that Jack was taken hostage by Marwan and CTU lost their location. Tony informed Audrey that Marwan contacted them and was willing to give up Jack, in exchange for Behrooz Araz. Audrey confronted Michelle and demanded for her to go forward with the trade. Michelle told her she wouldn't be able to do that if Behrooz was valuable to them, and the decision would be made by Bill Buchanan.

After both Tony and Curtis Manning interrogated Behrooz, Bill and Michelle decided to go forward with the trade. Decoy trackers were placed on Behrooz, and Curtis implanted a tracker in his neck. Curtis brought Behrooz to Marwan's men, who released Jack. Marwan's men attempted to kill Jack, but CTU was able to prevent it from happening. The trackers on Behrooz were found and each one was destroyed.


Audrey talks to Jack on the phone.

After Jack was released, Audrey spoke to him on the phone and she wanted to talk to him about what happened during the day. Jack promised that he would call back, as he had to follow up on a lead. Audrey waited outside of CTU Medical and she was devastated when she learned that Paul was paralyzed and wouldn't be able to walk again. Audrey spoke to Paul and told him what he did for Jack was brave, and she wanted to reconcile and take care of him. Audrey was then informed that Air Force One was shot down by a stolen Stealth fighter.

Audrey called Jack and told him that Secretary Heller wanted him to focus on retrieving the Nuclear football from the crash site. Audrey then became distracted, and Jack told her to focus on work. When Audrey became upset over this, Jack later apologized to her. With help from civilians, Jack was able to find the location of the football, but Marwan was able to get to them. A CTU chopper eventually took out the jeep holding the football, and Jack noticed their was missing pages in the football. Audrey told him that the missing pages were the locations of nuclear warheads around the country.

Jack returned to CTU and met up with Audrey, who tearfully told him that Paul's condition wasn't stable and he would never fully recover from the shooting. Jack returns back to work and Audrey catches him in a hurry, Jack told her he couldn't talk now and he wouldn't reveal what he was doing. Audrey felt more isolated from Jack and she decided it would be best if they broke up and she reunited with Paul.


Audrey discusses a matter with Bill Buchanan.

When Audrey learned that Jack went against President Charles Logan's orders and tortured a suspect, she became devastated at what Jack was capable of. She confronted Jack and lashed out at him for going against a presidential order. Jack was forced to leave CTU, as Joe Prado had given up Marwan's location. Audrey learned that Bill Buchanan was complicit in the torturing of Prado and she confronted him. Audrey expressed her disappointment in Buchanan for his involvement. Bill told Audrey that she doesn't understand the complications of working in the field.

Eventually President Logan learned from advisor Mike Novick that Jack went against his orders, as Novick tried to cheat the time and get Logan to sign the torture of Prado. Logan ordered for Secret Service men to arrest Bauer, and Curtis tried to prevent them from doing so. The agents arrested Jack and this caused the operation to blow. Marwan was able to escape and though Audrey disagreed with Jack's decision to torture Prado, she felt the president was wrong. Eventually Logan realized he was wrong and he dropped the charges against Jack.

Audrey confronted Paul and suggested for him to be transported to a special hospital. Paul agreed and Audrey told him that she would be going with him, but she failed to share this information with Jack. After raiding the Chinese consulate, under the authority of President David Palmer, Jack returned to CTU with suspect Lee Jong. Jong was shot and Jack needed him to be operated on. The doctors were working on Paul, who was having trouble breathing. Jack forced the doctors to abandon Paul and work on Jong, despite the risk of Paul dying.

Audrey was angered with Jack and she demanded for him to allow the doctors operate on Paul. When Paul began to lose his pulse, Jack attempted to revive him. Paul died and Audrey was devastated over his death. She blamed Jack for it and told him she hated him. When Jack tried to console Audrey, she shut him down. Cheng Zhi arrived at CTU, under suspicion that CTU was involved in the raiding of the consulate and the death of Consul Koo Yin. Buchanan falsified hourly reports to make it look like Jack was working with Audrey during the time of the raiding. Despite being angered with Jack, Audrey didn't tell Zhi anything that implicated Jack in the raiding.


Audrey interrogates her brother about the phone call.

When it was discovered that Richard was recently in contact with Marwan, CTU brought him in and Curtis began to prep for an interrogation. Audrey was convinced she could get him to confess, so she decided to talk to him first. Audrey wasn't able to make any progress and her father came in to speak with Richard. Secretary Heller shows his frustration with Richard, who eventually decided to confess. Richard revealed that he brought a woman and her boyfriend home one evening, and the woman most of used his phone when he was in bed with the guy. Heller showed disappointment, but it wasn't with his son's sexual orientation, it was over the fact Richard didn't reveal this earlier.

Jack confronted Audrey and told her he was reluctant to tell her about his work at CTU, as he feared she wouldn't love him if she realized what kind of person he could be. Audrey told Jack she didn't want to talk about it, and Jack left with Lee Castle and Tony to find the female hostile. Jack promised to talk to Audrey about it later, and she agreed to talk. When the female hostile took Tony hostage in order to escape, they were killed in an explosion and Jack was devastated.

Audrey began to search for the missile Marwan launched, but she was unable to find it through satellite. President Palmer asked for Audrey to compile disaster scenarios for all of the possibly threatened cities. CTU were later able to find Marwan, when Jack discovered the hostile sent out doubles. With help from Curtis, Jack was able to save Tony and bring Mandy into custody. Many gave up all the information she had in Marwan in exchange for presidential immunity. Despite being behind Palmer's assassination attempt in Day 2, Mandy was granted immunity. Edgar Stiles and Chloe O'Brian luckily were able to stop the missile from hitting Los Angeles.


Audrey is devastated to learn Jack was killed.

Audrey began to prepare to transport Paul's body and Jack confronted her. Although Jack professed his love for her, Audrey revealed she couldn't live with his CTU lifestyle as she was convinced that is where he belonged. Audrey ended her relationship with Jack by giving him a good-bye kiss. During the final moments of the day, Audrey was confronted by Bill Buchanan. Buchanan told her that Jack was shot and killed by Dale Spalding. Audrey was devastated over losing both Paul and Jack, and she broke down with tears.

Day 5


Audrey works with Bill Buchanan in CTU.

During the events of Day 5, Audrey was serving as an Inter-Agency liaison for the Department of Defense and CTU Los Angeles. She arrived at CTU and was greeted by Bill Buchanan, the Special Agent in Charge. Buchanan briefed Audrey on what they had on the assassination of President David Palmer, which occurred in Los Angeles. Shorty after Palmer's assassination, former CTU agents Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida were targeted. Michelle was killed in the explosion, and a critical Tony was brought back to CTU.

Both Audrey and Bill agreed that President Charles Logan should postpone the Anti-terrorism treaty signing with Russian President Yuri Suvarov, but Logan refused. When CTU learned there may be a possible attack on Suvarov's helicopter, Logan refused to have it land in another location. Luckily no attacks were made on President Suvarov's helicopter.

Edgar Stiles discovered surveillance footage and he brought it to Bill and Audrey. The footage cleared and it revealed that the sniper who took out Palmer was Jack Bauer. Audrey refused to believe it, as she knew Jack would never murder his friends. Bill came up with the theory that Palmer, Tony, and Michelle all helped fake his death and he could no longer trust them. When Chloe O'Brian was brought to CTU, she revealed that Jack was being set up to take the fall and it was the dying confession of Haas. Buchanan had Curtis Manning lead a team to an oil refinery to confirm Chloe's story.

Shortly after 9am, Buchanan got a call from Jack and Audrey asked for it to be put on speaker phone. Jack told Buchanan that terrorists have seized control of the Ontario Airport and have taken hostages. After Buchanan got a report about the airport, he agreed to work with Jack and he dispatched Curtis and a TAC team to the location. Jack is able to work with Curtis in performing a rescue operation, but Anton Beresch catches Jack and has Curtis' team change their plan. Luckily Lynn McGill noticed a distress signal and ordered for Curtis and his team to stick to the original plan. The operation turned out to be successful and no further hostages were killed.

Lynn demanded for Jack to be brought into CTU, so he could question him about Palmer's assassination. Audrey felt that was unnecessary, as the evidence and Chloe's testimony proved that Jack was set up. Lynn decided to play it by the book and he refused to listen to anybody else's opinions. Curtis later followed up on a lead and was lead to one of the hangars in the airport. CTU learned that terrorists gained possession of 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas, and they managed to smuggle them out of the airport.


Audrey is reunited with Jack.

With CTU overextended, Lynn asked for Audrey to debrief Diane Huxley. After Diane arrived at CTU with her son Derek, Audrey questioned her on her involvement with Jack and the airport crisis. Audrey asked Diane about her personal relationship with Jack, and Audrey was shocked to see Jack waiting out the door. Audrey excused herself from the room and met up with Jack. Jack explained to Audrey that he couldn't tell her he was alive in order to protect her. Audrey told Jack that she understood and she no longer blamed him for Paul's death.

Audrey is later confronted by Diane, who realized that Audrey and Jack were involved. Diane told Audrey that Jack still loved her and if she didn't feel the way, she should let him go. After an assassin named Hank tried to kill Jack, it was revealed Spenser Wolff was a mole. Spenser confessed that he was just following the orders from the White House. Jack realized that Walt Cummings was involved in Palmer's assassination and the selling of the gas. He decided to meet with Mike Novick, in order to interrogate Cummings.

Audrey asked if Jack would be returning to CTU, and he told her he didn't know. After interrogating Cummings, President Logan asked Jack to work with CTU on a provisional basis. Jack agreed and he asked for Audrey to find his daughter Kim. Audrey told him she would try, but she couldn't get in touch with her. When lead Jacob Rossler is killed, Jack is forced to go undercover as Rossler and meet with Ivan Erwich's men. When Erwich's men force Jack to come with them, Audrey worried for his safety.

Erwich's men brought Jack to the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall, with the intention of releasing a canister of nerve gas. Audrey felt that they shouldn't sacrifice all the lives of the innocent people in the mall. Lynn was convinced that releasing the gas in the mall would help them find the other 19 canisters. Bill agreed with Lynn's assessment and they called President Logan to get authorization. Logan agreed to let the gas get released, but Jack refused to allow it happen. Though the terrorists managed to release it, Jack managed to have the ventilation system turned off and only 11 people died. When CTU wasn't able to find the other canisters, Lynn demanded for Jack to be taken into custody.


Audrey conspires with Chloe O'Brian and Edgar Stiles on how to handle Lynn McGill.

Audrey got a call from James Nathanson, the man who was working with Walt Cummings. Nathanson agreed to help find the nerve gas, but he would only work directly with Jack Bauer. Audrey called Curtis and was able to speak to Jack on the phone. After Jack got off the phone with Audrey, Jack knocked out Curtis and managed to escape. Audrey realized that Lynn would be on to her, so she went to Chloe. Audrey told Chloe to delete her call with Jack off the logs. Chloe had to delete all of them and Lynn knew they were helping Jack, but couldn't find any evidence to prove it.

After Audrey brought Bill into the loop, he agreed to help her. Audrey and Chloe needed Bill to distract Lynn, and Lynn began to become suspicious of Bill. He had security taking Bill into holding and he took command of CTU. When Chloe needed someone to cover for her, Audrey brought Edgar up to what was happening. Lynn eventually realized Chloe was missing and she found her with Audrey. Audrey and Chloe were able to create a cover story, and Lynn threatened to take abrasive measures if the incident happened again.

Chloe and Edgar discovered chatter that hinted their would be an attack on President Suvarov's motorcade route. They took this to Lynn, but he refused to inform the president or Secret Service about the threat. When Audrey took it to Lynn, he threatened to have her thrown out of CTU. Audrey confronted Curtis, who was the ranking agent at CTU. Audrey asked Curtis if he could activate Section 112, which would relieve Lynn from his duties due to mental issues. When Lynn ordered to have security take Edgar and Chloe into holding and escort Audrey out of the building, Curtis activated the code and Buchanan was released from holding.

Buchanan had Secret Service informed about the possible attack, and he informed the president. When the motorcade started to turn around, the terrorists began to attack and a missile was launched at President Suvarov's limousine. Nearly all of the agents were killed and luckily Aaron Pierce was able to take out the remaining hostiles. CTU then learned that former agent Christopher Henderson was involved with the terrorists. Jack decided to interrogate and bring Henderson in by himself, while CTU continued to work on finding out about the Russian separatists.

The Department of Defense got intelligence from Russia, due to the current treaty. Audrey learned that the man funding the terrorist attacks was Vladimir Bierko. Bierko initially wanted to release the gas on Russian soil, but it now became impossible. When CTU learned that Bierko was planning on having Sentox released in the Thomas Memorial Hospital, Buchanan had tactical units sent there. Luckily Curtis and his team were able to find the gas and have it released in a contained area.


Audrey tells Jack that Kim has arrived at CTU.

A little after 6pm, Kim arrived at CTU with Barry Landes. Audrey called Jack and felt it would be easier if Kim new beforehand that her father was alive. Jack agreed with Audrey's assessment, and she went up to the field operations office. When Audrey asked to speak to Kim alone, Barry assured her it was fine and revealed he was a clinical psychologist. Audrey told Kim that her father was alive and she was shocked. Audrey told her that she just found out this morning and that her father didn't tell her about her whereabouts in order to protect her.

Later in the hour, Lynn learned his sister and her boyfriend were professionally killed and he reported his CTU key card was with them. When Buchanan learned someone used Lynn's card to get into CTU, he ordered a lockdown. Jack found Ostroff, the hostile, and realized he was having Sentox released in the building. Buchanan called a Code 6 and Jack asked Audrey to get Kim. The gas was coming to the bullpen and Chloe was able to seal off a few rooms. Audrey stayed in the Situation Room with Chloe, Jack, Kim, Barry, and a few others. They watched in horror as Edgar ran in the bullpen and died.

Jack expressed his feelings to Audrey that if anything happened to his daughter, it would be all his fault. Audrey assured Jack that he had no idea Sentox would be released and he shouldn't blame himself. When the gas began breaking through the seals, Chloe needed to access the air conditioning system to flourish the gas away. A program interfered and Jack had to go in a contaminated area to access it. When Jack was able to get to it, Lynn and Harry Swinton served as sacrifices. Lynn's efforts stopped the gas from spreading and eventually the gas was flourished out of the building.

Henderson managed to escape from CTU and he killed Tony Almeida in the process. Both President Logan and Vice President Hal Gardner decided it would be best to activate Martial law, though they called it a curfew to avoid getting permission from Congress. A team from the Department of Homeland Security arrived on sight and they coordinated with CTU. Bill learned from Karen Hayes that she has instructions to absorb CTU into Homeland. Buchanan concealed this information from Audrey and the CTU staff.


Jack interrogates Audrey.

After Jack interrogated Collette Stenger, a broker who was hired by Bierko, Jack informed Buchanan and Hayes that Stenger named Audrey was her contact from DOD. Hayes had Audrey brought into holding and she ordered for Rick Burke to prep for a medical interrogation. Luckily Bill and Jack were able to convince her to let Jack speak to her for 10 minutes. Jack interrogated Audrey and spoke to her about her night with Walt Cummings in a hotel. Audrey confessed they had an affair and she was embarrassed, as he was revealed to be a traitor. Jack realized Audrey was innocent, but Hayes went forward with the medical interrogation.

Jack was able to prove that Stenger had contact with Henderson, breaking the presidential immunity she had received. Jack knocked out a US Marshal and threatened to kill Stenger if she didn't reveal what she knew. Stenger confessed that Henderson told her to implicate Audrey if she was caught, and Bierko was planning to release the gas from an industrial gas company. Jack demanded for Burke to stop the interrogation, and he told Audrey everything would be all right. After Audrey was checked out at medical, she decided to come back to work.

Jack and Curtis lead a team over to the Wilshire Gas Company and they managed to take out all of the hostiles. Bierko escaped after releasing the gas and Jack was forced to blow up the building. When Jack got a visual on Bierko, he went after him and was caught in the wave of the explosion. Audrey worried that Jack may of been killed, but he luckily emerged with an unconscious Bierko. Jack then informed Audrey that he wasn't coming back to CTU, as Wayne Palmer and Aaron Pierce had a lead on who was behind the day's events. Jack believed that Vice President Gardner may of been involved in Palmer's assassination and the Sentox plot.


Audrey learns that President Logan is behind the day's events.

Karen and Miles Papazian asked to see Audrey and they wanted her to sign the document. The document blamed Buchanan and CTU for all of the faults in the day. Audrey refused to sign it, as she felt Buchanan and CTU did an excellent job during the coarse of the day. When Jack called Audrey and told her he would need someone inside CTU, Audrey decided to sign the document. Audrey asked for Chloe to be kept at CTU and report directly to her in exchange. Karen met this request and Buchanan gave Audrey a disappointed look as he left the building.

Jack revealed to Audrey that Evelyn Martin, the assistant of First Lady Martha Logan, had evidence that proved who was behind the day's events. Jack told her whoever it is, they would have huge connections and would be after them. After saving Evelyn's daughter Amy from Henderson's men, Jack called Audrey to tell her who the mastermind behind the day's events where. Audrey was shocked when Jack told her that Evelyn implicated President Logan.

Jack told Audrey that they would need to hand over the evidence to someone with big ties, mainly her father. When Logan learned that Jack knew about his involvement in the day's events, he had an arrest warrant put out for Jack. After the warrant was issued, Audrey decided to leave CTU and Miles was sure that Audrey would lead them directly to Bauer.


Audrey meets with her father.

Audrey called her father, who was headed back to Washington. Audrey asked him to meet her in Los Angeles, and Heller agreed to land at the Van Nuys Airfield. While Audrey stopped at a gas station, Chloe gave her instructions on how to find the transponder on her car. Audrey found it and she dumped it on a truck. Audrey arrived at the airport and she got confirmation from Jack that he had the audio recording implicating Logan in hand. Jack told her he would be at the airport after bringing Wayne to a secure location. Jack brought Wayne to Bill Buchanan's house and brought him into the loop on the situation.

After Heller landed, he hugged her daughter and asked what this was about. Heller was shocked when Jack arrived and asked to speak to him in private. Heller informed Masters and his other guard to wait outside, while he talked to Jack and Audrey inside the warehouse. After Heller heard the conversation, he took it and left the warehouse. He came back in with his Secret Service detail and punched Jack in the throat. Heller told him he was going to force Logan to step down, as the country shouldn't suffer an impeachment process. He gave the recording to Masters and asked him to watch Jack. When Heller told his daughter to come with him, she refused and Heller asked Masters to keep on eye on her.

Jack and Audrey were detained and tied up in a room. Jack was able to break the rope and he untied Audrey. He knocked out one of the Secret Service agents and he told Audrey to wait inside. Jack was able to get the recording from Masters, but Henderson's men arrived. Masters ended up getting shot and killed and Jack had to fight off all of Henderson's men, while Henderson managed to sneak into the airport warehouse.


Christopher Henderson cuts Audrey's artery in order to get the audio recording.

Henderson found Audrey and he took her hostage, as Jack arrived. Henderson agreed to let Audrey go, if Jack gave up the recording. Audrey told Jack not to give in his demands, and Jack gave up the recording after Henderson cut Audrey's artery open and had her walk towards Jack. After Henderson received the recording, he shot towards Audrey and escaped. Jack grabbed Audrey and placed her on the floor. He tied her up her arm in order to stop the bleeding and he was able to find Henderson with help from Chloe.

Jack was able to run Henderson off the road, who escaped into a building. When Henderson tried to put a new clip into his firearm, Jack caught up with him and told him it was over. Jack took Henderson into custody, who told him that he had a chopper tracking Heller and if his men didn't get a call every 15 minutes, they have orders to kill him. Jack called Heller to confirm if a chopper was following him. Heller told Jack he should of done things differently and he told Jack to tell Audrey he loved her. Heller drove his car into a lake and Audrey was devastated.

When Jack learned that Henderson passed the recording off to someone on Flight 520, he decided he needed to board the plane but he wouldn't leave Audrey alone with Henderson. Audrey told Jack to go and they she would be fine, as Curtis was on his way. When Henderson woke up from his unconsciousness, he tried to trick Audrey into using her phone and get her father help. Audrey knew he was trying to use her and Henderson's men arrived. Audrey attempted to shot and kill Henderson, but she wasn't able to and she ran off.

As Audrey was hiding from Henderson's men, she was grabbed and was grateful to see it was Curtis. Curtis had his men move in and take out all of Henderson's men. Henderson was brought into custody and Curtis ordered for him to be brought back to CTU. Curtis asked for a medic to check Audrey out and for her to be brought to CTU medical.


Audrey recovers from her injuries at CTU Medical.

While recovering in CTU Medical, Audrey thanked Curtis for saving her life. Curtis then informed her that the National Guard picked up her father and he was alive. He was in ICU and was critical, but he would make it. Audrey was grateful to Curtis and she was later visited by Jack. Jack told her that he had secured the evidence and a meeting with the Attorney General was being prepped. The two of them shared a tender moment together, and kissed.

Audrey later discovered that Miles erased the recording and earned a position in President Logan's administration. It was then confirmed that Bierko managed to escape and is planning a bigger attack. Hayes ordered for Jack to offer Henderson immunity, and Audrey was horrified over that fact. Audrey explained to Jack that Henderson was responsible for Palmer, Michelle, and Tony's death, as well as her father's condition. Jack told her he understood that, but they had no other choice.


With Henderson's help, it was learned that Bierko planned on taking over the Russian ship the Natalia. Though Jack managed to warn the crew, Bierko was able to kill the crew with a canister of nerve gas. He then armed the missiles on the ship and prepared to have them launched. Audrey contacted Admiral Kirkland and told him they had less than 20 minutes to stop the missiles. Kirkland sent out F-18's, but he told Audrey they wouldn't make it in time and it was up to the ground times to stop the attack.

With help from Petty Officer Rooney, Jack, Henderson, and Agent McCullough were able to get on the ship. Henderson disarmed the missiles, while Jack handled Bierko and his men. In the operation, Jack managed to kill Bierko and all of the hostiles. When Chloe learned that Henderson disarmed the missiles, she told Audrey to have Kirkland call of the F-18's. Jack then reported that Henderson was dead, as he tried to fire on him. Jack concealed the fact that he killed Henderson in cold blood, in order to avenge the death of Palmer, Michelle, and Tony.

With help from First Lady Logan, Aaron Pierce, and Mike Novick, Jack was able to gain access to the helicopter transporting Logan to Palmer's funeral. Jack kidnapped Logan and tried to get him to confess to everything he did. Jack was unable to get Logan to confess, and he was taken into custody. However, it was so learned Jack placed a device on Logan's pen and a conversation between Logan and his wife implicated him in the day's events. After giving Palmer's eulogy, Logan was taken into custody.


Audrey and Jack are finally free to be together.

Jack was released and he reunited with Audrey. The two of them shared a passionate kiss, but an agent came out and told Jack that he had a call from a Kim Bauer. Jack told Audrey he had to take it and Audrey told him to go ahead. After Jack was gone for a while, Audrey went inside the building and discovered the phone hanging from the hook. She became worried and told a Secret Service agent about Jack's disappearance. Jack was kidnapped by Cheng Zhi's men and was being transported to China, for his involvement in the death of Consul Koo Yin's death 18 months earlier.

After Day 5

Audrey spent a year looking through back channels trying to find Jack. Having figured out Jack was in China, she went there to find a way to get him home, but was killed in a car accident. CTU sent a DNA sample to China, which confirmed Audrey's death. All other information regarding the accident has been classified by Division.

Memorable quotes

  • Audrey Raines: I'm on the phone with a man who claims to be James Nathanson. He was Walt Cummings's contact. He says he has information about the terrorists but he will only talk to you.

  • Lynn McGill: The two of you are up to something and I'm not gonna stand for it. This was a deliberate attempt to circumvent my authority.
  • Audrey Raines: Lynn, we are all on the same side here.
  • Lynn McGill: If your father wasn't the Secretary of Defense, I would have you thrown out of here. (to Bill Buchanan) I don't have that problem with you.


Day 4

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