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Ayman al-Libbi was a Middle Eastern terrorist who had little passion remaining for religion. He was a mercenary for hire during the events of Cat's Claw.

Before Cat's Claw[]

Al-Libbi was spotted by Jack Bauer five days before the events of Cat's Claw took place at Long Beach.

Cat's Claw[]

Al-Libbi was hired by Marcus Lee, aka Nurmamet Tuman, a firm supporter of the East Turkistan Independence Movement to take out members of the G8 after there were talks of inviting China to join them. Al-Libbi, disguised as a gardener, visited Tuman's estate, which overlooked the Vanderbilt Complex where President Harry Barnes and Chinese Premier Xu Boxiong were secretly meeting. Tuman tried to pull the plug on the operation after believing it was too risky now the federal government was on to them. Al-Libbi killed him after Tuman pulled a gun on him, and eliminated the Secret Service agents within the residence. He attempted to fire a rocket from an RPG-29 into the Vanderbilt Complex, but Jack Bauer and Kelly Sharpton managed to stop him in time, causing a brief firefight. However he escaped, and Sharpton was killed.

Later, he received the Cat's Claw virus from Frankie Michaelmas as well as the antivirus. He called a contact within the Iranian Ministry of Defense, asking for, and receiving more men. He used them to hunt down three other individuals who were capable of producing the antivirus. While his men carried out these killings, he called CTU Los Angeles and demanded that five men were released from a secret holding facility just outside Los Angeles, or else they wouldn't receive the antivirus to cure both the American and Chinese leaders. Ryan Chappelle took these calls, and followed through with these demands. However, al-Libbi had no intention of giving them the antivirus, and instead placed a bomb in the package. Unbeknownst to him, Jamey Farrell had been tracing each of his calls to CTU, and she eventually found him at LAX. Jack arrived and captured him.

A few moments later, Muhammad Abbas demanded al-Libbi's release, or he wouldn't tell them the flight numbers of three planes carrying infected individuals. Jack exploited the distrust between Abbas and al-Libbi during the tradeoff, and Abbas was subsequently killed as al-Libbi tried to make his escape aboard a jet. Tony Almeida arrived on the scene and gave Jack the same RPG-29 that al-Libbi used back at Tuman's estate. Jack fired the rocket at the jet, and the resulting explosion killed him instantly.

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