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Barbara Roker was the wife of mobster Mike Roker.

Deadline Edit

Barbara greeted Mike and Charlie Williams outside of Mike's dealership, moments before she got into an argument with Mike for not picking her up. The couple continued to argue about Ernest deSalvo and Roker's role in his organization, before they stopped when Charlie got a call and abruptly quit and left the dealership.

Later, during another argument, Dimitri Yolkin showed up at the Rokers' house and broke in. The SVR agent held the Rokers at gunpoint and questioned them about Charlie's whereabouts; Barbara told him that Charlie quit, while Mike spent several minutes telling Yolkin everything he knew. In order to get Mike to reveal more information, Yolkin shot Barbara in the thigh. Eventually, Mike revealed that the agent could find Charlie through Hector Matlow. Barbara and Mike were then executed, and their bodies were later found by the PBP.

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