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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.

Barnes was a CTU Los Angeles field unit agent active during Day 1.

Day 1[]

Barnes was a member of the team that was led by Bundy which rescued Teri and Kim Bauer from mercenaries working for Ira Gaines, outside of Gaines' compound. The field team landed in a CTU chopper at roughly 12:50pm. He found Jack Bauer in the woods and disarmed him.

Barnes was later a member of the field unit that was dispatched to Saugus by Al on orders from George Mason. As the CTU chopper approached the location at 8:19pm, George Mason asked Barnes for an update. Barnes observed that the door to the Class 3 Detention Facility had been blown in, and that the hostiles must have entered since there was no activity outside. Agent Drake was also part of this group. They were unable to recapture Victor Drazen because Andre, Harris, and the Serbian guerillas used booby traps for their escape.

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