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Basheer was a Second Wave terrorist active during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Early in the day, Basheer was at the storage unit where the nuclear bomb was being assembled. He let Marko Khatami enter and the two conversed that the bomb would be ready soon. Basheer later loaded the nuclear weapon with Omar in an American Delivery van. ("8:00am-9:00am", "9:00am-10:00am")

On the way to pick up the trigger for the bomb, they were driving down Sarah Street when a tire blew out on the van. The men started trying to replace it when Rick, a helpful bystander, showed up. He helped them switch tires then offered to lead them to a tire store on Ventura Boulevard, but Basheer said they had to be going. When Basheer tried to pay him, Rick refused, saying they only had to recommend him to anyone who needed their pool serviced.

The men set off again, but during the ride Khatami became emotionally moved by all the various people he was observing and decided that he didn't want to continue this mission. Basheer sensed mutiny and suddenly shot him three times. As he went to pull the body out of the driver's seat, he realized too late that Marko still had a few breaths of life. The fatally wounded man returned fire, and Basheer was killed. Both of their bodies fell from the van, and after a moment of shock, Omar took the wheel and proceeded with the mission. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

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