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The Rose of Kosovo, an epic poem commemorating the battle

The Battle of Kosovo was a 1389 battle between a Serbian prince and the invading Ottoman Turks in present-day Kosovo. The Serbs were roundly defeated, ushering in four centuries of Islamic rule. The battle was one of the defining moments of Serbian history and the basis of much of its culture, commemorated in countless epic poems including The Battle of Kosovo and The Rose of Kosovo.

In 1989, the Yugoslav government under President Slobodan Milošević commemorated the 600-year anniversary of the battle, with Milošević referencing the battle to rally the Serb people to resist surrendering Kosovo. Yugoslavia's intransigence in the region ultimately led to the 1999 NATO air attacks.

Milošević's lieutenant Victor Drazen, and later his sons, also drew inspiration from the historical event. Victor Drazen used The Rose of Kosovo as a piece of propaganda to rally support around the Black Dogs, while Andre Drazen founded the pro-Serbian group Kosovo/1389 while attending the University of Belgrade. (Findings at CTU)

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