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Beck was a CTU NY agent active during Day 8.

Day 8Edit

After an EMP destroyed all electrical systems at CTU New York, Brian Hastings ordered agents Beck and Henderson to escort Kayla Hassan to the UN building to reunite with her parents. After they arrived at the UN, Beck informed President Omar Hassan that CTU was preparing an underground evacuation route that would protect him in case of a radiological attack. When Hassan asked when they were leaving, Beck told him that President Allison Taylor was already waiting for him with the other delegates. Hassan then told Beck that the files that Hastings wanted were in his office.

Beck was later amongst the CTU agents sent by Chloe O'Brian to help Cole Ortiz capture Jack Bauer. He arrived at the meeting point on 141 Juniper Valley Road with Agents Greer, Hopkins, and Lee. When Cole arrived, he briefed them all about the operation. He then instructed Beck to stand guard in the front of the laundry. When Jack approached and saw him outside, he managed to sneak through the side entrance. Beck then entered the building with Cole to try to capture Jack. However, Jack managed to outsmart them and asked Cole and the other agents to put down their guns. After they did, Jack ordered Cole to tie them up. After leaving the room with Cole, Jack returned and asked the tied agents to get on their feet.

For about thirty minutes, Beck struggled with his restraints in the laundry until he freed himself. Shortly before 11:19am, he contacted CTU and informed Arlo Glass of what had happened with Jack, telling him also that Jack had taken Cole as a hostage.

That afternoon, Beck was one of the agents assigned to the security at the United Nations during the signing of the peace treaty. Shortly before 3:30pm, he was at CTU's Mobile Command Unit when Jason Pillar and Agent Nate Burke contacted him with orders to detain Chloe O'Brian and Cole Ortiz. Beck and another agent approached Chloe, who was trying to upload a data card to CTU servers. Right before the data finished uploading, Beck pulled Chloe away from the computer while Burke took away the data card.

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