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Benjamin Landry was the director of the Center for Disease Control during Day 7 and Day 8.

Day 7 Edit

Benjamin joined the Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff with President Allison Taylor to discuss the threat of the biological weapon acquired by Starkwood. He informed the officials that the weapon was a prion variant indigenous to the East Congo. A form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, this variant also attacked the nervous system, but he noted that it was lethal within one or two days unlike the other disease.

President Allison Taylor later requested that Landry provide her with real-time updates on Jack Bauer's condition.

Day 8 Edit

8x10 Conference

Landry, on the left, during a video conference with President Taylor

Landry updated President Taylor, Chief of Staff Rob Weiss, Secretary of Homeland Security Tim Woods and Admiral John Smith about the health and fatality risks posed by the terrorist attack planned for New York City over a live video feed.

Live appearancesEdit

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